The last years I have experienced, that well crafted business cases and good executed digital transformation projects, should have done the job, though the expected impact was only partly documented. Speaking often to peers within large enterprises, who have also invested heavily in new experience platforms, I learned that I’m far from alone.

Through a series of workshops and design thinking processes, my team and I realized, that we literally had to go back to the beginning. Realizing that we from start had not been thorough enough in understanding our customers needs, pains, etc. We had not been detailing actionable insights about our customers, to the extend necessary. Therefore we were not able to build effect full lead generating customer journeys in our new CMS platform.

We experienced, that by starting over and drafting the customer profiles better, and also limiting the amount of profiles, gave us a much better setup to manage it all, and it eventually gave us better and measurable results.

Calling our customers funny and memorable names like Anny Agency, Phil Pricepusher and Roy Romi made it even more inspiring to work with on a daily basis.

Customer Profiles

When taking advanced platforms as Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manager into use, many project leaders are overwhelmed with the amount of hours that are required to get just the basics in place, and customer centricity ambitions become nothing more than buzzwords in the strategy…

So consider this; have you profiled your customer well enough for your content and platform to deliver the impact you aim for?

Enjoy revisiting the process, you might even learn something new and important about the most valuable asset of your business!

An experience platform needs to be told which experience to deliver and to who, so you should do your groundwork well to enable your platform to deliver that great customer experience for you!

Good luck